Civil Litigation

Mr. Gregg routinely practices in the General District and Circuit Courts in 

the area. He represents businesses and individuals faced with all types of

Civil Litigation, including contract disputes, business disputes, construction

disputes, debt collection and collection on promissory notes.

One of the most important aspects of Civil Litigation is determining the

client’s goals in moving forward with the litigation.  At the Law Offices of Sean

D. Gregg, we will sit down with you and discuss the many scenarios that can

result from Civil Litigation, to help you determine the best strategy to suit your situation.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Mr. Gregg owns rental property and is familiar with the frustrations that arise for landlords when dealing with tenants.  The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg routinely handles Landlord/Tenant disputes, often advising clients on ways to minimize the risks associated with being a landlord.

For example, he has found that a review of the local courts often reveals that potential tenants are being evicted by other landlords.  Most people do not want to take the risks associated with renting to a tenant who has recently been evicted.  A quick check of the local court records can save a landlord from making a bad business decision.

Tax Collections

Mr. Gregg is the attorney for both Greene County and Madison County in connection with their tax collections. Click here for currently scheduled sales.


Often, people hope to have an attorney review a contract, to find the advantages and disadvantages of what is proposed.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to complete this assignment without a complete understanding of what a client’s goals and objectives are.  The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg can assist with determining the issues that should be addressed in the contract and can help to evaluate the best way to address them. Mr. Gregg can also point out many of the hidden dangers in “standard” contracts.

Corporation Formation

Mr. Gregg advises clients on the best corporate structure for their company, explaining the different advantages to forming a Limited Liability Company, a Corporation, or another configuration. He provides insight into business models, including the preparation of By-Laws and Operating Agreements for small businesses.  Mr. Gregg, a two-time President of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, has worked over the years to assist small businesses in the area.

Estate Planning and Administration

Everyone, regardless of wealth or status has an Estate.  One of the most important responsibilities is to establish an Estate Plan that distributes assets as intended upon death.  Many times, people can use a number of resources to avoid the need to have anything admitted to probate.  At The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg, we can discuss your unique estate plans and needs and develop an Estate Plan that helps to pass your assets in a manner that is in accordance with your wishes.

Living Wills

End of life issues are difficult.  Mr. Gregg lectures occasionally on the topic and has learned that the patient’s wishes are sometimes difficult to determine.  He encourages his clients to discuss their end of life concerns with the decision-makers whom they appoint, helping to identify concerns, memorializing them in an advanced Medical Directive, and discuss the matters with family.

Traffic and Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg handle all types of traffic and criminal matters. 

Personal Injury

Sean Gregg has handled a broad range of personal injury cases, from fender benders to wrongful death claims. Victims know better than anyone how their injuries have affected them.  The Law Offices of Sean D. Gregg, PLC, listens and guides victims and families through what is often a frustrating, complicated process.


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